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  • Classifications of household vacuum cleaners

    For many families, the vacuum cleaner has long been an familiar partner, and a constant helper. When we are tired of cleaning, it is its hard work that helps us restore the beauty of life. Do you know what are the classifications of household vacuum cleaners? There are two main ways to divide the...
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  • The working principle of the vacuum cleaner

    The working principle of the vacuum cleaner is through the vacuum cleaner internal motor high-speed rotation, driving the motor around the blade to produce high-speed rotation, at this time the vacuum cleaner internal will be instantaneous vacuum, and the outside atmospheric pressure to form a ne...
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  • Characteristics of vacuum cleaner filter

    A vacuum cleaner filter is a common element in vacuum cleaners and plays a very important role in the operation of the vacuum cleaner. The quality of the filter is very important if you want your vacuum cleaner to filter well and clean more effectively. So what are the characteristics of vacuum c...
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  • Three methods of cleaning vacuum cleaner filter

    Vacuum cleaner filter is an important equipment on the vacuum cleaner, without it the vacuum cleaner can not work properly, then if the vacuum cleaner filter being used for a long time, there must be a lot of dust on it, then we need to carefully clean the filter 1、Brush to remove the filter car...
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  • Air Particle Purification Methods

    Mechanical filtration Generally, particles are mainly captured in the following 3 ways: direct interception, inertial collision, Brownian diffusion mechanism, which is effective in collecting fine particles but has a large wind resistance, in order to obtain high purification efficiency, the cart...
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  • Air purifier germicidal disinfection function type

    Germicidal disinfection type Including photocatalytic technology, active oxygen technology Solid state pollutant removal type There are mainly mechanical filtration, electrostatic dust collection, electrostatic standing electrode, negative ion and plasma method filtration, etc. Among them: mechan...
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  • Types of air pollutants

    Types of air pollutants

    Bacteria and dust mites As long as there is moisture and organic matter, it is extremely easy for bacteria, viruses, molds and other microorganisms to proliferate, such as on glass surfaces, inside household appliances, in cracks in walls, on wood panels, and even on the plugs of the premium gaso...
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  • Sources of air pollution in the home environment

    Sources of air pollution in the home environment

    Respiratory Exhaust When people breathe, they need to inhale air, and oxygen is taken up in the alveoli, and then they expel some toxic and harmful gases containing high concentrations of carbon dioxide and others. Studies have found that human lungs can expel more than 20 kinds of toxic substanc...
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  • Four Important Points You Should Know about Air Purifier

    Four Important Points You Should Know about Air Purifier

    The air purifier is mainly composed of chassis shell, filter, air duct, motor, power supply, liquid crystal display, etc. Among them, the lifespan is determined by the motor, the purification efficiency is determined by the filter screen, and the quietness is determined by the air duct design, ch...
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  • Why You Need to Change Humidifier Filter regularly

    Why You Need to Change Humidifier Filter regularly

    A humidifier filter, also known as a water plate, water pad, or evaporator, is an important part of a humidifier. The purpose of a humidifier filter is simply to absorb water. If you have a humidifier, you need a humidifier filter. Typically, a humidifier filter is made of three different materia...
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