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  • How to Clean a Steam Mop How to Maintain a Steam Mop

    How to Clean a Steam Mop How to Maintain a Steam Mop

    Steam mop with super oil stains, dirt, stubborn stains function, in the market is very popular with consumers. Steam mops need to be cleaned and maintained during use. Today we are going to talk about the cleaning and maintenance of steam mops. How to Clean a Steam mop How to maintain a steam m...
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  • The Common Material and Grade Division of HEPA Filter Net

    The Common Material and Grade Division of HEPA Filter Net

    The common material of HEPA filter What are the common materials of HEPA filter? There are many kinds of materials that make up HEPA, which can be divided into PP(polypropylene) filter paper, PET filter paper, PP and PET composite filter paper and glass fiber filter paper. PP(polypropylene) is pa...
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  • The Mop Pads is Easy and Convenient to Wash

    The Mop Pads is Easy and Convenient to Wash

    First of all, prepare a basin of water, add two spoons of salt into it, salt has the effect of sterilization, can give the mop disinfection, kill the bacteria above, and then add a few drops of dishwashing detergent, dishwashing detergent can help us clean the dirt on t...
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  • Mop Pads Cleaning Tips

    Mop Pads Cleaning Tips

    How to clean a mop 1、 First get a basin of water and pour some baking soda into it. In addition to its role in cleaning stains, baking soda is also absorbent to remove odors from mops.  2、Then continue to pour some salt into the water. Salt not only has the effect of sterilization and disin...
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  • Industrial Electric Sweeping Robot

    Industrial Electric Sweeping Robot

    Industrial electric sweeper is the use of environmental protection new energy battery for power, in the small vehicle chassis with fans, motors, the following installation of side brushes, roller brush sweeping suction combination of sweeping machinery. Advantageous features 1, high efficiency:...
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  • Hand-push Sweeping Robot

    Hand-push Sweeping Robot

    The hand-push sweeper is a purely mechanical drive maintenance-free cleaning tool. No need for power cord and battery and any power source just push and walk to collect the garbage into the bin. It will sweep and collect at the same time. High working efficiency, can replace 6 cleaning workers. ...
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  • Notes on the use of Sweeping Robot

    Notes on the use of Sweeping Robot

    With the improvement of the standard of living, sweeping robotbecause of the simple operation, easy to use more and more into people’s lives, and home, office linked together, has become an important member of small appliances, popular. But in the process of use if not careful operation, ca...
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  • Sweeping Robot Cleaning System Classification

    Sweeping Robot Cleaning System Classification

    The first type: single suction mouth type The single inhalation cleaning method is useful for the floating dust on the ground, but it is not ideal for cleaning the dust accumulated under the table for a long time and the dust adsorbed by static electricity. (The design is relatively simple with o...
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  • Indoor environmental pollution symptoms

    Indoor environmental pollution symptoms mainly include the following manifestations. 1. feeling suffocated, nauseous, and even dizzy when waking up every morning. 2、Family members are often susceptible to colds. 3、Although they do not smoke and seldom come into contact with the smoking environm...
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  • What is Air purification

    What is Air purification

    Air purification refers to the provision of sterilization, dust and haze reduction, elimination of harmful decoration residues and odor and other overall solutions for various indoor environmental problems to improve living and office conditions and enhance physical and mental health. Indoor envi...
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